Secret Vices: I’m 51 and I Love Hot-Pants

Yes, it’s true.  What’s more, I only wear them in winter.  O.K., maybe autumn and spring as well.  I just love warming my jeans up on our oil-filled radiator.  Do NOT try this on any heater that glows.  Actually, on ANY HEATER at all.  They get so hot that I once ended up burning my tummy on the metal button.  Hot pants on a cold morning.  Pure bliss!

Photo0445My other vices are quite boring.  Chocolate.  Preferably Swiss, dark, 85% cocoa hard-core addict chocolate.  Of course, I share all my chocolate with the rest of the family, like a good, unselfish mother should.  Like hell I do!  I hide it where they’ll never find it – under the rice-cakes, in between the cookbooks or in my filing cabinet.  Very occasionally, I’ll share with Richard.  Oh, chocolate! Wow! he says, looking very, very surprised, as if it’s something that only appears in the house three or four times a year (as well he might).

Then there’s coffee – yes, I know, yawn.  Coffee from the one place in town that has decaf that doesn’t taste like dishwater.  I’ve got 827354 things to do in the city, but somehow I can always squeeze in an extra 15 minutes to go there and sit down with a coffee, a little biscuit and the papers.  Yes, they even have delicious small biscuits instead of those giant horrible cookie things that are everywhere.  Yum.

My final vice?  Playing the same music in the car, over and over and VERY LOUD.  I didn’t realise just how loud, until the neighbour, who was doing some gardening out the front, greeted my arrival with Hey, it’s the mobile disco!  Little did she know that I’d already turned down the volume…  My teenage daughter has been known to say “………” when the music comes on.  WHAT DID YOU SAY?  I reply.  GOD,  MUM, CAN YOU TURN DOWN THE VOLUME A BIT!!!  I roll my eyes and reduce it by two points or so.  Somehow it doesn’t quite seem right – shouldn’t that be the other way around, with her wanting the Smashing Pumpkins, Snow Patrol, Beck or some Love Metal band on full blast?  What the heck.  We all need a few secret vices.  ‘Fess up, what are yours?

8 thoughts on “Secret Vices: I’m 51 and I Love Hot-Pants

  1. Loved this article. I too like playing the same music again and again and have to admit not everyone loves my taste.
    Bang on the chocolate thing though I would die for a white chocolate. I hide it from my brother and MUM. God they end it up finishing it faster than a jet or whatever 🙂
    I love reading mills and boons and hide it from the world. On the exterior I try to show myself as am intellect in complete love with Ayn Ryand ( the spelling…uff!!) Though I admit that i never ever read her, not even a single page.
    And many more to add 😀


  2. Hi Heidi, I love how you’ve redone your blog. I have to confess, when I saw “I’m 51 and I love hot pants” I started thinking Heidi has a problem, you don’t tell people such things. I was thinking of the hot-pant variety that my wife should never catch me looking at, not even on TV! Just had me laughing from the word go. My secret vice? You know how people say they have a sweet tooth? I have sweet teeth, chocolate, confectionery(read tiramisu), ice cream…the lot.


    • As far as the real hot-pants go, I have to confess I was too much of a hippie as a teenager (think long Indian skirts and leather sandals) and I couldn’t be bothered now! Chocolate on the other hand…


  3. At first I thought you mean hot pants as well. And I thought, OH NO! Do we have to run an intervention? I was willing to do whatever it took to help you fight the addiction. Then I realized HOT pants. I love it! This post is so much fun. Thanks for sharing!



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