Clinking Currawong

We had a surprise visitor to the garden today.  He wasn’t at all shy.

Isn’t it the best name?  The Clinking Currawong is also known as a Black Currawong, or .  It’s a large bird with a formidable beak and bright, clever yellow eyes.



He stared at me from his branch.  I’m afraid I was very naughty and brought out a slice of bread for him.

He checked out the bread, but didn’t seem that hungry.  More curious.

I was pretty happy with the video, but he had the last laugh on me.  When I came back out ten minutes later, without my camera, he had invited two of his mates and they were happily hooning around the garden, investigating a rockery, using a hanging basket as a swing, calling out to each other and generally having a great time!  I hope to see them back.

3 thoughts on “Clinking Currawong

  1. We sometimes see Grey Currawongs in our wildlife hospital, they certainly seem to be intelligent, curious birds.

    Currawongs are apparently related to magpies, butcher birds and wood swallows, but not crows or ravens, despite looking like them.

    They are omnivorous, mainly eating insects, frogs and unfortunately baby birds.

    The bread would not be great for them (it’s bad for all birds actually and can cause nutritional deficiencies and yeast infections). Also good to avoid mince which is high in phosphorus and therefore depletes calcium from birds’ beaks and bones.

    They will happily eat any bugs that are eating your vegies, though!

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    • Luckily the Currawong was smarter than I was and just played with the bread. The chickens finished it off later, but being silkie bantams, they were very wary and only came out of hiding when they were quite sure the big, scary birds had left.


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