The music of reason

It seems we live in interesting times.  If you fear for your sanity in the midst of madness and arguments, stop for a while and immerse yourself in the music of reason, mathematics.

I always liked maths, even though I never found it easy.  When I was teaching, I had to think about it in a much deeper, thorough way, to really understand in order to give that spark to children.  What a joy when their faces lit up with comprehension!

Unfortunately, many of us (too many!)  have this sort of reaction to the idea of doing maths for fun.  img_0500

Don’t, because anyone can do it, with this excellent book written by a fellow Tasmanian teacher.  It’s the perfect escapism.  No current affairs whatsoever, but still great exercise for your brain.  Just think, here are problems you can actually solve!  Plus, the knowledge you gain will help you see through the bullshit that’s everywhere (think statistics…).  There is a lot more to this subject than you might have thought and there’s plenty of variety here. Practice problems, explore the history and current importance of maths, look at beautiful images and understand their significance, even -yes! – romance.

The Mathematics Book: ... anyone can do it! by [Prochazka, Helen]

This is the book and it’s free on Kindle for the next two days (until the 5th February 2017).  So be quick or else order the hard copy and impress your friends…

6 thoughts on “The music of reason

  1. Math. Nooooooooo. I am horrible at math, mainly because I missed most of the ‘here’s where you learn the crucial things you need to know to do math’ year in grade school. I still count on my fingers. I am a sad,sad human being. LOL

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    • Nope, not at all. It’s the same as any other skill. Just a find the level at which you can understand it, no matter what that is, and then work your way up. The other day, I replaced a kitchen tap. I watched about 5 youtube videos first, until I thought it was looking do-able, chose the one that looked most like my set-up and just went for it. No plumbing experience and I now have a tap that works! Same with mathematics.


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