I’m a 51 year old Tasmanian.  I’ve been a student, public servant, farmer, student again and teacher and I’ve lived in Germany, Australia and China.

Why do I write?  Ideas get into my head and writing them down seems to be the best way to stop them from going around and around my mind.  The trouble is that, pretty soon, another idea will pop up…

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  2. I nominated you for a Dragon’s Loyalty Award to recognize your faithfulness to my blog. Please visit my latest post to learn more about this award, and to leave a comment describing how you choose blogs to follow, and why you “Like” and leave comments on blogs.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  3. Hello Heidi, Thank you for visiting my blog “The Mossy Blogster” I hoped you enjoyed some of the content. I am always eager to hear any feedback to improve it. So if you have anything to add, good or bad please let me know.
    I’m looking forward getting in and checking out your blog. I noticed you are from Tasmania, I had a wonderful visit to Hobart a few months back whilst I was working. Beautiful city, and Mount Wellington was amazing. You have done a bit of travel also, sounds exciting! I do love to travel, although I have never lived in another country sounds exciting but daunting at the same time!
    Anyway pleasure to meet you, hopefully see you around again soon,


  4. You are/have been a farmer?! Very interesting. I have a big piece of land back home in Zambia I bought 15 years ago because for “fresh air”. My intention was to move there, not to farm, but to get away from having neighbors nearby. My parents, who now live at the plot, still tease me about it as they love farming. Maybe I will start tilling the land and have livestock when I go back home one day. Yeah, right! 🙂

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